“You are just a click away from our accurate calibrated colours”


Your cameras/smartphones deserve better profiles. The generic profiles offered by common raw development software are not optimized;  compressed colour tones, single illuminant profiles, altered skin tones, and huge colour differences between raws from different brands.

Also supported:

“The first step, what camera do you use?”


If you are both looking for emulations (digital, film) or to enhance and calibrate the output raw of your camera, the starting point is the same: our BASIC profiles.

Once you have the Basic pack for your cameras in your system you are sure about the coherence of the output. If you work with many bodies from many different camera manufacturers, you will be pleased by the output of our Cobalt Unified signature colour output.


“Now show me something special”



For Lightroom and Camera Raw users, the Basic pack installed will give to your camera raws access to our modular system. Leica Monochrom, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Film and digital emulations made to work only over our calibrated and powerful Basic profiles.

For  Capture One users, we are able to give a custom service; if you are interested in an emulation pack you can just select the camera-pack combination, purchase the “Capture One pack” from any emulation page and send us these details so we will cook specifically for you a set of profiles to enjoy our emulations on that powerful software.

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