“Experience true-to-life colours with just one click thanks to our expertly calibrated colour system.”


Your cameras and smartphones are capable of capturing stunning visuals, but the generic profiles offered by common raw development software can’t showcase their full potential. The compressed colour tones, single illuminant profiles, altered skin tones, and huge colour differences between raws from different brands fail to do justice to the real beauty captured through your lens. Don’t settle for generic profiles that hide the true essence of your visual stories – leverage advanced raw development software that brings out the full potential of your cameras and smartphones.

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"The first step, what camera do you use?"


Our Basic profiles are the starting point for enhancing and calibrating the raw output of your camera, whether you require digital or film emulations. Installing the Basic pack ensures coherence of the output, no matter the camera manufacturer.

What's more, our Cobalt Unified signature colour output guarantees impressive output, especially if you work with multiple bodies from different manufacturers. Take the first step towards breathtaking output by installing our Basic profiles.


latest Releases and Updates


We released the new Leica M10 Monochrom emulation pack


We released the new Cobalt Video pack:

-Fuji Digital Video

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