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Your cameras/smartphones deserve better profiles. The generic profiles offered by common raw development software are not optimized;  compressed colour tones, single illuminant profiles, altered skin tones, and huge colour differences between raws from different brands.

Also supported:

"The first step, what camera do you use?"


If you are both looking for emulations (digital, film) or to enhance and calibrate the output raw of your camera, the starting point is the same: our BASIC profiles.

Once you will have the Basic pack for your cameras installed in your system you will be sure about the coherence of the output. If you work with many bodies from many different camera manufacturers, you will be pleased by the output of our Cobalt Unified signature colour output.


“Cobalt Image brings consistency to camera raw independent of brand or camera model. The Basic Pack gives you a level of colour consistency and controls out of the box that used to require juggling multiple sliders and presets. You no longer have…click to know more

Ji Mizell

Portrait photographer

I have been using Cobalt Image’s colour calibrated profiles and film simulations for all of my professional and personal work for nearly a year now. Being able to have true colour consistency across multiple camera bodies has saved me so much editing time…click to know more

Alex Benyon

Documentary-Wedding photographer

“I came across Cobalt on a recommendation from a friend and I can tell you that it has changed my entire workflow when it comes to colours.
I do a lot of clothing e-commerce and I had a very serious colour matching problem…click to know more

Antonio Pupa

Commercial photographer

In Australia, and especially in Perth where I live, the sun is extremely harsh. Bright highlights and deep shadows are something we have to deal with if we are shooting weddings in the early afternoon sun, and editing can be a nightmare.
I purchased the Cobalt Basic Pack…click to know more

Emanuel Rudnicki

Wedding-Events photographer

After a chance to find out that using colour files can help with colour grading, I have found many colour profiles and presets in the market that are not ideal. This is what I was looking for until I found the Cobalt Image…
click to know more


Wedding dresses-Cosplay photographer

latest Releases and Updates


An update to our Leica M emulation pack is available, please log in and download it.


An update to our GR emulation pack is available, please log in and download it.

We added:

GR3/GR3x Emulations:
GR3 Standard
GR3 Vivid

GR3 Soft Monotone
GR3 Hard Monotone
GR3 Monotone
GR3 Positive Film

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