How to enjoy the Black and White

     some pieces of advice for a proper bw workflow

Our vision in black and white

Some of the most significant and iconic moments in the history of photography have been immortalized in black and white. Recognizing the importance of this timeless aesthetic, we’ve dedicated as much effort to perfecting black-and-white editing as we have to color.

To switch to black and white editing, simply toggle the Color->BW switch:

Once activated, the image undergoes an immediate transformation into black and white. However, this isn’t just a standard conversion like in typical applications. From the outset, we’ve integrated a special feature accessible to all users. Here’s how the development pipeline evolves:

The conversion to black and white takes place at the culmination of the entire editing process and is preceded by the application of a color filter, simulating the effect of filters placed over a camera lens.

When activating black-and-white editing, the loaded conversion Look-Up Table (LUT) is not a simple formula. Even for the fundamental task of converting to black and white, we sought to provide something distinctively unique. The outcome is a scientifically derived LUT, crafted from the interplay between the CIE luminous efficiency function and the CIE 2006 10° standard observer under D50 illumination spectrum (sunlight).

To obtain a LUT of the highest precision, we built the mathematical model that determines the position of 15,625 colour patches distributed in the ProPhoto space.

All of this is designed to provide you with the most scientifically accurate black-and-white rendering, offered to you as part of the free features in our app.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. By positioning the black-and-white conversion at the end of the editing pipeline, every tool remains fully functional, allowing you to craft the perfect black-and-white image to your liking. Saturation, contrast, brightness, and all curves—both Luma and RGB—remain active, offering nearly limitless possibilities for creating your ideal black-and-white composition.