Alex Benyon photography

“I have been using Cobalt Image’s colour calibrated profiles and film simulations for all of my professional and personal work for nearly a year now. Being able to have true colour consistency across multiple camera bodies has saved me so much editing time (and headaches) and given me extra confidence in the files I deliver. Working with the profiles and simulations couldn’t be easier and I have found myself re-editing years of previous work with them.

I also love the fact they have profiles for a lot of smartphones which means if I don’t have my mirrorless cameras to hand I can shoot raw photos on my iPhone 13 and still edit using the same presets and film simulations that I use for my professional work. This has been a real game-changer for my street photography as I always have my phone with me to capture those unplanned moments.

The knowledge, method and attention to detail that goes into creating all the colour profiles and simulations is mind-blowing and I can’t recommend them enough”

– Alex Benyon is a documentary, street and wedding photographer based in the UK and part of the Sony Alpha creator family. Alex also delivers talks, workshops and presentations at photographic events and conventions all over the UK.

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