Tutorials & FAQ

  using Cobalt Image PHOTO


1- How do I open the app?

To access the Cobalt Image PHOTO app, there are two convenient methods:


  • Launch the full app by tapping its icon. This grants access to the complete suite of features including gallery browsing, importing images, and various editing options.
  • Alternatively, directly initiate a photo editing session by selecting the desired picture from your device’s Photos app. Share the chosen image with Cobalt Image PHOTO as the target. This opens a streamlined editing interface focused solely on the selected picture. Here, you can make edits without distractions such as gallery browsing or image importing. Once editing is complete, save the modified image as a new file.

2- What image formats does the app support?

The app exclusively supports two image formats:

  • JPEG, which is produced by the iPhone camera when the “most compatible” option is selected in the settings under Camera Formats.
  • HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), generated by the iPhone camera when set to “High Efficiency” in the settings under Camera Formats.

    3- What is the colored switch at the bottom of the image?

    The app features two distinct modes: Color and Black & White.

    • In Color mode, users have access to a range of colour signatures, and the curves function operates in the standard manner.
    • When switched to Black & White mode, users encounter a scientifically optimized black and white conversion as a foundation. Here, all available black and white signatures are accessible along with filter options positioned at the top. The curves function operates akin to a black-and-white mixer, as the monochrome conversion takes place at the end of the processing pipeline.

      4- How can I zoom in on the image to inspect the details?

      Zooming into the image is straightforward:

      Double-clicking on the image enables precise zooming to inspect image details at a specific point. Another double-click restores the view to its original size.

        5- How does the White Balance module work?

        Upon opening the WHITE BALANCE module, you’ll find:

        • The upper section, equipped with the temp/tint switch, facilitates selecting opposing adjustments within the LAB colour space. Additionally, a picker is available to open a larger image for a meticulous selection of the most neutral grey area in your picture. Once a selection is made, simply click on an empty area of the image to return.

        • The lower area features a dual-action slider, its behavior influenced by the aforementioned switch, enabling final adjustments for precise white balance correction.