Cobalt Basic Pack

A set of calibrated colours for your camera and the stepping stone for our modular emulations.

DNG Basic Pack

Made for raw/dng files only. Works on CameraRaw, Lightroom, Dxo, Rawtherapee, Luminar and all the software compatible with Dcp profiles.


Capture One Basic Pack

Made for raw/dng files only. This set is made specifically for Capture One and works with any version of the software.


Sensitivity metamerism index,
a number that says everything.


ADOBE D65 ISO 17321: 69,69


COBALT D65 ISO 17321: 83,94

The sensitivity metamerism index (SMI) is defined in ISO standard 17321 and describes the ability of a camera to reproduce accurate colours. You can find how your camera performs in many reviews online, under “the colour response results”; usually these results are made using a simple Colour Checker of 24 patches (on the left).
Our test has been made using a Sony A7rii camera using the impressive HR-1 target (on the right), with 1131 patches.

Forget about the common sentence “this camera has better colours”, every modern camera has great colours, it’s all about the colour profiles.

The quality of our basic profiles has been tested to impress

Our current generation of v2.1 base profiles has obtained the Fadgi 4-star rating on Color SG target.
“FADGI is a collaborative effort started in 2007 by federal agencies to articulate common sustainable practices and guidelines for digitized and born-digital historical, archival and cultural content. 

That is the standard for all our profiles and our DeltaE is way better compared to standard profiles (as you can see on the right).

Our Method

– 600 samples tested (Xrite SG has 140 samples )

– Two main illuminants d65 and StdA (only on DNG basic )

– Different transformation than the Bradford model used by Adobe for the d50 calculation.

– For DNG basic the internal forward matrix is limited in the Prophoto/ Human Locus in order to avoid posterizations.

– Looktables and ICC (Capture One Basic) are adjusted to be relative to any different contrast curve.

– Transformation model CIECAM02 (better tonal separation)

– Proprietary main colourimetric stadium, to build profiles we use DcamProf.

Cobalt Basic Pack

This is the starting point for our Cobalt world. These colour profiles are made specifically for your camera body and give you a calibrated colour reproduction, an expanded colour gamut posterization free with all the perks included (better shades of colours and superior skin tones). Also, a general calibrated colour signature well defined and common between all our supported camera models is something unique we offer. You can work with many camera bodies from different manufacturers and, using our profiles,  you’ll be able to achieve the same colour output from your raws.
As you can see from the graph on the right side, there is a gigantic difference between the generic profiles and ours on red areas and a remarkable expanded gamut on the others.

Our Modular System
(for CameraRaw and Lightroom only)

Our DNG basic pack is the stepping stone for our modular system working on Adobe raw editors.
All our emulations work on all your cameras with a DNG basic pack installed in your system; our DNG basic pack is both a completely calibrated system and a starting point for endless emulations.
When you want to buy one of our emulation packs, you can be sure it will work with all your cameras already covered by our DNG basic pack installed in your system.

Cobalt Standard

The Standard profile is suitable for every situation, especially for portraits, containing a specific colour correction for skin tones.

Cobalt Neutral

The Neutral profile preserves the same contrast as the Standard, but without the colour correction.

Cobalt Flat (DNG Basic pack only)

Same as Neutral without the contrast curve, useful for studio shots.

Cobalt Repro

Our linear and calibrated profile; using this profile give you the basic linear information straight from the camera sensor.

Cobalt Repro

If you are a landscape photographer, you already know about linear profiles because you want all the available margin on editing and having the linear data from the sensor as a starting point is a huge perk.
No correction, no contrast curve, just the flat information ready for your extended editing; we add our technology for a calibrated linear profile in order to give our customers the best profile for their beloved dream machines.

Cobalt Colour

This is our new profile made specifically for DNG packs (on Adobe system) to always give a “nicer than just calibrated” taste to your picture. We worked hard to meet both the extended Gamut, a coherent signature and a pleasant result on landscapes and portrait pictures.

This profile has a boost in contrast compared to the standard ones and a saturation improvement for light skin tones with red details; we also added our touch with a dedicated optimization for the darker skin tones. All the colour profiles are optimized for light skin tones only, we now have an improved rendition of the darker as well to cover the most common situations with a pleasant result.

Below is the download link to this specific profile, you need one of our basic DNG packs installed to be able to use it.
Now version 1.2 is available with more refinements and a bulletproof resistance to any posterization.

DNG Basic Pack

Our basic profiles are all real dual illuminant.

Please follow the instructions on the archive.



Capture One Basic pack

Every profile has two different illuminant profiles:

Please follow the instructions on the archive.