Emanuel Rudnicki

In Australia, and especially in Perth where I live, the sun is extremely harsh. Bright highlights and deep shadows are something we have to deal with if we are shooting weddings in the early afternoon sun, and editing can be a nightmare.
I purchased the Cobalt Basic Pack for my Canon R6 (as well as the Smart Pack). Having a natural skin tone is very important to me, no matter what Lightroom preset I use to edit my photos; the Cobalt Basic Pack made getting those skin tones right so much easier and more pleasing, I feel it’s not something that I could achieve using the white balance adjustment alone.
When I first saw the Cobalt Flat profile, it wasn’t something that I thought I’d ever use…but now I use it on everything! It’s so nice to be able to bring contrast back into an image rather than taking it away. For those harsh light photos, this profile is what I needed!
I’ve tried so many of the popular presets out there and it’s always been a disappointment; they’re simply not made for the conditions and light where I’m based. The Cobalt Profiles however are a game-changer for me!”

– I’m a professional wedding photographer in Perth, Western Australia. In my spare time, I also shoot portraits, street photography, concert photography, surf photography and commercial photography.

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