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00 – ” I cannot install these files on my Lightroom! I tried everything and now I am disappointed!!! “

Resolving this issue is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

-Install the pack by directly importing the .ZIP files into Lightroom. For Lightroom Classic, navigate to the profile browser on the right panel, click on the “plus,” and select “import profiles.” For Lightroom CC, import profiles from the top menu. It’s essential not to extract the files; instead, recall the zip files using the Lightroom importer.

-Confirm that you are working with the correct RAW files. The RAW files must originate from the same camera model as the basic pack installed. For instance, if you are installing the Sony A7 III basic pack, our colour profiles will be accessible only when working with RAW files from a Sony A7 III camera. Ensure the compatibility of the camera model for a seamless experience.

1- ” I have a Sony XX and a Canon XXX and I shot weddings, what should I buy to have the same colour output on my wedding raws folders? I use Lightroom “

To experience the full richness of our meticulously calibrated colour signatures, it’s imperative to acquire the dedicated Basic DNG packs tailored for your respective camera models, such as Sony XX and Canon XXX, available here.

Once imported into Lightroom, you can conveniently access our standard, neutral, flat, and repro profiles within the “profile browser” under the designated “profiles” folder. However, these profiles will only become accessible when working with a raw file captured by one of your cameras (Sony XX or Canon XXX) that is loaded and prepared for development. This ensures that our specialized colour profiles seamlessly integrate with your specific camera models, delivering an optimized and tailored experience.

2- “I am a Nikon user, I always shot with these cameras and now, after a while I bought a Panasonic camera and the colour output is not my cup of tea. There is any chance to get the Nikon colour signature of a modern Nikon camera from that? I am an Adobe ACR user”

Certainly! Unlocking this feature is straightforward. Follow these steps:

-Install the Basic DNG pack tailored for your Panasonic camera model and the Nikon contemporary emulation pack (compatible with Adobe).

-After the installation in Lightroom, navigate to the “profile browser.” You’ll discover our standard, neutral, flat, and repro profiles neatly organized under the “profiles” folder. Additionally, the Nikon emulation profiles will be conveniently located within the Cobalt Nikon Dxxx folders.

-Simply select your preferred profile, and voila, immerse yourself in the enhanced visual experience!

Looking ahead, should you acquire another camera, obtaining the corresponding Basic DNG pack will seamlessly extend this colour palette to your new device. Embrace the Nikon colours on any future camera purchases effortlessly.

3- ” I am a Capture One user and I love Fuji colour signatures. My camera is a Sony X, what should I buy to get those colours on my camera?”

When using Capture One software, the process is streamlined, eliminating the need for a basic profile to enable our emulations. Instead, you can seamlessly integrate our Fuji digital emulation pack for Capture One.

During the checkout, specify your camera model. In response, we’ll tailor the pack to your specific camera model and emulation combination within two working days. An email will be sent containing .ICC files for installation and .costyles for importing. Once set up, you can effortlessly immerse yourself in the Fuji colours on your Sony raw files by simply selecting the appropriate style from the menu. Experience a swift and tailored transition to vibrant Fuji aesthetics.

4- “I already have installed the Basic DNG packs for my cameras and I was wondering about the Kodachrome film emulation pack, how it works and how to manage the washed look for prints”

Discover a unique approach to film emulation that empowers customers who enjoy printing their pictures. Following the download, the installation is straightforward, utilizing the standard import/copy method. However, the utilization process diverges from the norm.

Instead of the conventional procedure, navigate to the left-side menu and select the designated PRESET. This preset not only activates the colour profile but also integrates RGB curves into the tone curve menu. This strategic combination provides enhanced flexibility.

When the time comes to print your pictures or address specific preferences, you gain the freedom to adjust the black curves for R, G, and B or expand them towards the white point. This nuanced control allows you to tailor your visual output precisely to your preferences, providing a dynamic and personalized printing experience.

5- ” I would love to buy a Leica Monochrom camera but I am not sure to be able to manage a camera so expensive and so powerful and limited at the same time. I shot with a Canon, If I get your Monochrome Cmos pack I’ll be able to enjoy the same rich monochrome files coming from a Leica Typ 246 when needed? I use Lightroom.”

Our admiration for Leica Monochrom cameras inspired us to dedicate extensive time and effort to develop a unique and sophisticated technology tailored specifically for these exceptional products. The result? An emulation pack that flawlessly reproduces the distinctive colour signature of the Monochrom series on other cameras.

By embracing our Monochrom emulation pack, you’ll witness the identical colour signature on your Canon images, akin to using a Typ246 camera. It’s a transformative experience that brings the essence of the Leica Monochrom to your Canon photography.

While it’s important to note that certain factors, such as ISO performance and finer details at 100% or more, may not precisely match those of the original Monochrom, the advantages are substantial. You gain access to linear profiles, a feature absent in the original Leica cameras, providing you with additional creative possibilities.

To embark on this immersive journey, acquire the Basic DNG pack tailored to your specific Canon model and complement it with the Monochrom CMOS pack. Elevate your photography with the timeless allure of Leica Monochrom, seamlessly integrated into your Canon imaging experience.

6- ” Cobalt Elite, it’s not clear how to use these profiles, how they are stacked over the basic profiles and when to use them in my workflow”

Delicately curated to enhance your editing workflow, our set of profiles is designed to bring simplicity to your creative process.

Leveraging the Adobe modular engine within Adobe software, Elite emulations seamlessly integrate with your workflow. Utilizing the modular engine is straightforward—simply acquire the basic pack tailored to your camera model, and the engine effortlessly layers the emulation atop the basic pack, operating seamlessly in the background. Selecting your preferred profile becomes the key to unlocking the magic.

Wondering when to deploy this magic? It’s most effective at the initial stages of editing, right before adjusting the white balance. Incorporate Elite emulations early in your workflow to witness the transformative impact they bring to your creative process. Experience editing made effortlessly magical.


7- ” I love to use Lightroom on my iPad or my iPhone, it’s a shame the profiles are not well synced so the program gives me an error “

To access our profiles seamlessly on the go, import the packs into your Lightroom CC desktop version and patiently await the cloud synchronization process.

However, post the October 2023 patch from Adobe, certain bugs have been identified in the sync process, resulting in some profiles not syncing to the cloud and consequently being unavailable on mobile Lightroom versions.

As a workaround, while awaiting a fix from Adobe, consider temporarily reverting your Lightroom CC desktop to version 6.5. Initiate the profile import process anew to ensure a reliable syncing experience with your mobile devices. Once the profiles are securely synchronized, feel free to return to the latest version of Lightroom, ensuring a hassle-free transition back to the most up-to-date features and enhancements.

Sample of basic profile editing on Lightroom CC for Ipad

Sample of digital emulation editing on Lightroom CC for Ipad

Sample of film emulation editing on Lightroom CC for Ipad

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