00 – ” I cannot install these files on my Lightroom! I tried everything and now I am disappointed!!! “

The solution to that problem is always more than easy; just follow these:
-install the pack importing the .ZIP files directly on Lightroom (for Classic, on profile browser on the right panel, on the “plus”, “import profiles”. for CC, just import profiles from the menu on top), please DO NOT extract them, just recall the zip files from the lightroom importer.
-please be sure you are working on the correct RAW files; the raw needs to come from the SAME camera model of the basic pack installed (if you are installing the Sony A7 iii basic pack, you can find our colour profiles ONLY by opening raw files coming from a Sony A7 iii camera).

1- ” I have a Sony XX and a Canon XXX and I shot weddings, what should I buy to have the same colour output on my wedding raws folders? I use Lightroom “

To be able to enjoy our calibrated colour signatures you will need the specific Basic DNG packs for both your camera models (Sony XX and Canon XXX) from here.
After the import on Lightroom, you will find our standard, neutral, flat and repro profiles in your “profile browser” under the folder “profiles”. That ONLY when a raw of one of your cameras (Sony XX and Canon XXX) is loaded and ready for development.

2- “I am a Nikon user, I always shot with these cameras and now, after a while I bought a Panasonic camera and the colour output is not my cup of tea. There is any chance to get the Nikon colour signature of a modern Nikon camera from that? I am an Adobe ACR user”

Of course, there is! You just have to install the Basic DNG pack for your Panasonic specific camera model from here and the Nikon contemporary emulation pack (for Adobe) from here. After the import on Lightroom, you will find our standard, neutral, flat and repro profiles in your “profile browser” under the folder “profiles” and the Nikon emulation profiles under the Cobalt Nikon Dxxx folders. Just select your favourite and enjoy! In the future, if you will buy another camera, you just have to get the specific Basic DNG pack and you will be able to enjoy the Nikon colours on that camera too.

3- ” I am a Capture One user and I love Fuji colour signatures. My camera is a Sony X, what should I buy to get those colours on my camera?”

For Capture One software there is not a modular system so you will not need a basic profile to enable the support of our emulations. In that case, you will have to get the Fuji digital emulation pack for Capture One here. During the checkout please write the camera model you have so we will create for your specific camera model and emulation combination the pack in two working days.
We will send a mail and you will get .ICC files to install and .costyles to import and you will be ready to enjoy the Fuji colours on your Sony raws just by selecting the proper style on the menu.

4- “I already have installed the Basic DNG packs for my cameras and I was wondering about the Kodachrome film emulation pack, how it works and how to manage the washed look for prints”

There is a different way to use film emulation, that is to give more freedom to customers who like to print their pictures. After the download, you just have to install it as usual (importing / copying files). To use them you will NOT follow the usual process, you should select the proper PRESET on the left side menu, that preset will enable the colour profile AND the RGB curves on the tone curve menu. When you will need to print your pictures or for something else, you will have the freedom to move to the proper black the curves R, G, and B or to open them to the white point.

5- ” I would love to buy a Leica Monochrom camera but I am not sure to be able to manage a camera so expensive and so powerful and limited at the same time. I shot with a Canon, If I get your Monochrome Cmos pack I’ll be able to enjoy the same rich monochrome files coming from a Leica Typ 246 when needed? I use Lightroom.”

We do love the Leica Monochrom cameras! That’s why we spent so much time developing a unique and complex technology for these specific products in order to perfect emulate that colour signature on other cameras. Using our Monochrom emulation pack will give the SAME colour signature on the images taken with your Canon as you were using a Typ246 camera! The only drawbacks are that you will never have the same ISO performances of the original Monochrom and the same finer details (at 100% or more), and why not, the experience on the shooting side will not be the same as well! Other than that you will be able to use the linear profiles, something missing on the original Leica cameras. In order to enjoy that, you just have to get the Basic DNG pack for your specific Canon model here and the Monochrom Cmos pack here.

Sample of basic profile editing on Lightroom CC for Ipad

Sample of digital emulation editing on Lightroom CC for Ipad

Sample of film emulation editing on Lightroom CC for Ipad