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“Changing camera brands can be stressful learning a new brand’s colour science quirks. Keeping a baseline colour science is difficult. Cobalt Image’s basic pack makes your baseline consistent across multiple brands with a nice balance between technical and visually pleasing depending on the profile. Their Fujifilm emulation is …

Ji Mizell

Portrait photographer

“I came across Cobalt on a recommendation from a friend and I can tell you that it has changed my entire workflow when it comes to colours.
I do a lot of clothing e-commerce and I had a very serious colour matching problem. By applying the basic pack as its wide gamut LUTs on both Sony and Canon camera bodies, the colours are returned accurate and …

Antonio Pupa

Commercial photographer

I have been using Cobalt Image’s colour calibrated profiles and film simulations for all of my professional and personal work for nearly a year now. Being able to have true colour consistency across multiple camera bodies has saved me so much editing time (and headaches) and given me extra confidence in the files I deliver. Working with the profiles and simulations couldn’t be easier and I have found myself re-editing years of previous work…

Alex Benyon

Documentary-Wedding photographer