Cobalt Kodachrome

Now you can enjoy the legendary Kodachrome colour signature on all your cameras

...Kodachrome 4x5

...Kodachrome Haas

...Kodachrome Last Roll

...Kodachrome Sixties

Modular pack for Lightroom/ACR

You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working. This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw 10.3 and over.


Emulation pack for Capture One

This is a tailored emulation pack made specifically for a single camera model. Please be sure to write the specific camera model during the checkout process.



Our Film emulations are the result of long research and testing of the "mood" of a specific film model. Our purpose is not to emulate the specific result of the particular print/projection of the film emulsion. There are too many variable settings inside the film exposure-develop-digital scan process to be able to "scientific reproduce" that film look you can possibly remember or admire in your hands printed, in your screen scanned or on your wall projected. So the mood is what we are offering on our profiles and once you have your raw with our profiles applied over you will be sure that will be just starting point thanks to the freedom you will have to enhance your image keeping "that mood" alive with your saturations/contrast curve/recovering/etc.

We made colour profiles, not just presets and you will learn that enjoying our profiles.
Please start using these profiles with that in your mind: once applied you will not have a final result on your monitor, but something easily "enhanced" or "reduced" with the main purpose, to keep the mood.

Here is a small tutorial to start!

Kodak Kodachrome 4×5

Our emulation of the superb colour signature from the WW2 slides as corrected and restored in the last ten years by many editors.
Soft contrasts with a bright palette ready with a click; you will have the room for any enhanced selective colour as the restore process always shows (you can enjoy some samples HERE and HERE). So be ready for your process, choosing carefully a red, a blue or a yellow to make more impact and, why not, treat the final image with some grain and a 4×5 proportion!

We offer two different colour reproductions: one for bright light conditions, one for low light-indoor.

Kodak Kodachrome Haas

Our emulation of the colour feeling of the works made by the master Ernst Haas.
A vintage look born for street and reportage photography is also very addictive for environmental portraits; this emulation might give both a pleasant brown or a cold blue impact to your image, all goes back to the main starting point.
So, relax and enjoy one of the most iconic looks of Kodachrome.


Kodak Kodachrome Last Roll

Our emulation of the colour reproduction seen on the “last roll” of McCurry; we did spend months trying to replicate colours and light reproduction of this legendary film. This is a step closer to the “National Geographic” mood you would aim for if very passionate about reportage photography, with strong crimson reds and high contrasts.


Kodak Kodachrome Sixties

Our emulation of the colour feeling on the general photography during the 1960s.
Probably today is the most common palette starting point for any movie set on that and the following decade. High contrasts, strong cold tones and improved skin-tone reproduction; this is what you need for cool portraits and general people photography.

Lightroom and ACR

Our emulations work using a preset made by :
-Colour profile
-RGB curves (on Tone Curve panel)
So you have a preset for each emulation set;  included are the specific colour profile and the specific RGB curves needed for the full fidelity and available for further editing for print or proofing.

Every emulsion has three different curves to enhance the flexibility of your favourite workflow:
Linear (linear information from the sensor with film emulation applied)
Flat (base exposure curve, no contrast added)
Standard (full exposure curve and contrast added)
sRGB output (full exp curve and contrast,  for gamut compression from ProPhoto to direct sRGB export)

sRGB output preset contain a special Lut for gamut compression from ProPhoto to sRGB. The gamut compression has been made with a particular perceptual intent in
CIECAM02. This is handy for when you need to have a direct output to this space and the photo has out-of-gamut sectors.


Capture One

Our emulations work using a style made by :

-Colour profile
-Other settings

Thanks to Capture One engine, with luma, RGB curves and profile curve settings, you have the freedom to edit your image to your taste.

Please do not forget, on Capture One this will be a custom service made for a single camera model. Please be sure to write the specific camera model during the checkout process. Once received the camera model you will receive by mail the emulations in two working days.

Our grain settings are made to follow the original impact.