Cobalt Merrill Basic Pack

This pack is made specifically for your Sigma Merrill Dp1, Dp2, Dp3 camera

Basic pack for Lightroom/ACR

Made for “Kalpanika” dng files only. Works on CameraRaw and Lightroom only.


Basic Pack for Merrill DPx

We are photographers before being colour specialists, which means we all know what’s a Foveon camera and what makes those cameras different!
Today the Quattro series can work on .x3f files and .dng files and this big gift done by Sigma makes possible a colour profiling in the .dcp world.
For the fans of the unique Merrill DPx system with its 1x1x1 Foveon sensor, there is no way to calibrate the colour output having to use the slow and “different” Sigma Photo Pro for any single file to develop and being out from the traditional workflow. Other than that, we are all aware on the big “green cast” problem for all the pictures coming out from our beloved Merrill cameras.
We found a way to merge the workflow of .x3f files to the common one of the other cameras using Adobe products and, at the same time, to give Merrill cameras the same modular base we do with any other camera.


So what’s the solution?

Some years ago a project called Kalpanika made it possible to convert the .x3f files to .dng files losing some punchy of the beloved Merrill output and giving strange colours as the main result. We started from there making a dedicated basic profile for all the “not addressed .dng files” in order to insert the Merrill Dps cameras in the same workflow like the other cameras. The purpose is both to manage the Merrill .dng files in the same workflow and to include the output on our calibrated signature.
The result is:

-A calibrated output

-Manageable files as other Raw and Dng (not anymore linked to SPP)

-No more green cast

-Part of our Modular system (all our emulations will be supported)


The Process

To be able to enjoy that fresh freedom there are some things to do:

-Download and setup the latest Kalpanika Wrapper HERE

-Convert all your .x3f files in .dng

-Install our set in your CRaw/Lightroom

-Import your converted .dng files and apply our profiles

-Adjust the wb…


We warmly suggest using the basic sensibility on your Merrill DP camera, 200 ISO to be able to recover the highlights at best level.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET, with that basic pack, your Merrill will be part of our modular system; all the emulation will work with the Sigma Merrill DPx cameras files.

How to

-Install our profiles as usual.

-Please shoot on 200 iso, which is your base iso from your camera for the best result; you can recover even two stops of highlights.

-You will need the Kalpanika Wrapper for your OS from here

-The conversion requires the settings as you can see on the right

-After the conversion, you will have your .dng files ready to develop on Lightroom/ACR.

-Once on your raw editor select our profile (Standard, Flat, Neutral, Repro) and set the Hue to 0 / pick the correct wb.

-Enjoy your Foveon file with no noise, proper colour, raw freedom and ready for the Texture/clarity editing for the usual “punchy” look!



Our basic profiles work using colour profiles made for “generic .dng”





Below is the setting to configure to convert in batch your .x3f files using the wrapper.

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