Cobalt Leica Monochrom CCD

This pack includes the scientific reproduction of the tones coming from the Leica M Monochrom.

Modular pack for Lightroom/ACR

You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working. This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw 10.3 and over.


Emulation pack for Capture One

This is a tailored emulation pack made specifically for a single camera model. Please be sure to write the specific camera model during the checkout process.



Are you a fan of black and white photography or a Leica Monochrom enthusiast? We’ve got just the product for you.

With our scientifically-emulated “mono signature” of the Leica Monochrom M (CCD version, the first), you can compare the pictures taken with your original Monochrom M camera to those taken with our profiles, guaranteed to be so perfect that you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Our technology allows you to easily emulate the output of the original Leica Monochrom camera with colour filters (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue), and even includes the impressive Linear profile that was not even available on the original Monochrom camera. With our product, you can simplify your photography set-up and achieve the perfect monochromatic shots you desire. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, our supported cameras make it easy to create stunning black-and-white photos with ease. Get one today and discover what your modern Japanese big-megapixel camera is truly capable of.

With confidence, we know that certain specs of the full-resolution original Monochrome M sensor prove impossible to replicate, notably, its fine resolution, which is not an issue with modern big-megapixel cameras. However, the superior ISO performance is also something we cannot completely replicate. Thankfully, you can still achieve the perfect Monochrom M output by utilizing a colour camera and selectively choosing when developing images in post-production. This way, you can still capture the essence of the Monochrom M’s image quality while maintaining creative flexibility.

HERE  you can find a small tutorial to show how powerful is this profile set.

For monochrome enthusiasts, the Leica M Monochrom is a standout creation by esteemed German camera manufacturers. Its unique CCD sensor captures light without a Bayer matrix layer used for colour interpolation. This provides a full, unprocessed resolution with an unparalleled range of shades – from the purest white to the darkest black. Additionally, without the Bayer layer, the camera’s ISO performance is impressive.

Beginning from the spectral sensitivity of the sensor (left), instead of relying on a limited number of colour patches (such as the colour checker 24 and SG), we curated a virtual target with over 15k patches (right). This allowed us to create a meticulously precise emulation of the original sensor characteristic. The end result is unparalleled in quality and delivers the unmistakable Leica M Monochrom black and white signature. Trust us, you won’t find a more accurate representation of your vision.

Our mission is to go beyond simple presets and focus on creating exceptional colour profiles. Every profile we produce is expertly crafted and meticulously calibrated to ensure the highest level of precision, no matter what the emulation is. Our strict attention to detail guarantees that our profiles stand out among the competition with unrivalled accuracy and quality.

The profile set is made with different illuminant options:


every illuminant has also all colour filtered output included and a linear alternative:

No filter
Blue filter
Green filter
Orange filter
Red filter
Yellow filter

So we offer 49 different choices for your wonderful photo.

Lightroom and ACR

Our emulations work using a colour profile.

Please follow the instructions on the archive.

In order to appear on the colour profile menu, the basic pack of your camera model has to be installed. Once selected, the emulation profile will automatically recall the basic profile “under the hood” so you can just select your emulation profile without being worried about the correct sequential order.



Capture One

Our emulations work using a colour profile.

Please follow the instructions on the archive.

Please do not forget, on Capture One this will be a custom service made for a single camera model. Please be sure to write the specific camera model during the checkout process. Once received the camera model you will receive by mail the emulations in two working days.

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