Cobalt Leica Monochrom CMOS

This pack includes the scientific reproduction of the tones coming from the Leica Typ 246 Monochrom.

Modular pack for Lightroom/ACR

You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working. This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw 10.3 and over.


Emulation pack for Capture One

This is a tailored emulation pack made specifically for a single camera model. Please be sure to write the specific camera model during the checkout process.



We made a scientific emulation of the “mono signature” of the Leica Monochrom M Typ 246 (CMOS version, the second); the accuracy of the reproduction it’s so perfect you can actually compare the pictures taken with your original Monochrom M Typ 246 camera on the side to find out how cool is you modern Japanese big megapixel camera with our profiles.

Are you both a black-and-white photo lover or a Leica Monochrom user?
This is a very interesting product for your taste.

Now you can actually go out with just one colour camera and, if you love the original Leica Monochrom signature output, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the output with any of our supported cameras, even the output of the original Leica camera with colour filters (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue) with the addition of the impressive Linear profile, not even available on the original Monochrom camera.

Of course, some specs of the full-resolution original Monochrome M246 sensor are impossible to replicate, like fine resolution (not a problem using the modern big megapixel cameras) or a superior ISO performance; meanwhile, you can use a colour camera and selectively choose when developing a perfect Monochrom M output.

HERE  you can find a small tutorial to show how powerful is this profile set.

The Leica M Typ 246 Monochrom is a unique camera made by German camera makers for black and white lovers. The sensor registers the light without the normal Bayer matrix layer (to interpolate the colours) so you pay for the missing colours having two important perks: the full not interpolated resolution and the full shades of grey from pure white to pure black with an impressive iso performance if compared to the same sensor with the Bayer layer.

We started from there, the spectral sensitivity of the sensor (on the left), and not in the usual way from a target with a limited number of patches (colour checker 24, SG, etc).
From the spectral sensitivity, we mapped a virtual target with more than 15k patches (on the right), to be able to build a complex and precise emulation of the original sensor characteristic.
The quality of this emulation is unparalleled and if you’re looking for the Leica M Typ 246 black and white signature, here it is!

The profile set is made with different illuminant options:


every illuminant has also all colour filtered output included and a linear alternative:

No filter
Blue filter
Green filter
Orange filter
Red filter
Yellow filter

So we offer 49 different choices for your wonderful photo.

Lightroom and ACR

Our emulations work using a colour profile.

Please follow the instructions on the archive.



Capture One

Our emulations work using a colour profile.

Every profile has two different illuminant profiles:

Please follow the instructions on the archive.

Please do not forget, on Capture One this will be a custom service made for a single camera model. Please be sure to write the specific camera model during the checkout process. Once received the camera model you will receive by mail the emulations in two working days.

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