Cobalt Nikon D200

This pack includes the legendary colour signature made for the CCD sensor

Modular pack for Lightroom/ACR

You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working. This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw 10.3 and over.


replicate a Nikon D200

This set is the emulation of the output coming from Capture NX when used to develop nef files of Nikon D200, both old and new modes.
The iconic CCD colour palette is now available on all your other cameras. If you are an old user of the SOOC jpegs made by the D200 you will be pleased!

The softer old modes are made to enhance skin tones and colour shades and the new colour profiles are also very kind to our colours to keep the signature of this CCD camera unique.



Mode I
Mode Ia
Mode II
Mode III
Mode IIIa


Lightroom and ACR

Our emulations work using a colour profile.

Please follow the instructions on the archive.


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