Cobalt Ricoh GR

This pack includes the unique colour signature made for the ninja street camera

Modular pack for Lightroom/ACR

You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working. This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw 10.3 and over.


replicate a Ricoh GR

This set is the emulation of both the output coming from the SOOC files of the Ricoh GR/GR2 and GR3/GR3x.
The unique colour palette is now available on all your other cameras. If you are a user of the Ricoh GR series (GR, GRii, GRiii, GRiiix) you will be pleased to find your favourite colours on every focal length and not only from a 28mm (or 40mm) lens.

Positive film and high contrast B&W are some of the most appreciated signature colours in the industry and with this emulation pack, they will be available with just a click of your mouse!




GR Standard

GR High Contrast B&W
GR B&W TE Blue
GR B&W TE Green
GR B&W TE Purple

GR B&W TE Sepia
GR Bleach Bypass
GR Bleach Bypass Cool
GR Bleach Bypass Warm
GR Cross Process
GR Cross Process Magenta
GR Cross Process Yellow
GR Positive Film
GR Retro
GR Slight


GR3 Standard
GR3 Vivid

GR3 Soft Monotone
GR3 Hard Monotone
GR3 Monotone
GR3 Positive Film

Inspire your creativity

With 23 different colour profiles, you will have plenty of inspiration for your precious pictures. From the standard jpg Ricoh GR signature to the extreme Bleach Bypass or the alternative Cross Processing passing through the iconic Positive Film; no need to open other software or fake presets. These are colour profiles ready to change the colour signature of your raws keeping the full freedom of a proper workflow!



Lightroom and ACR

Our emulations work using a colour profile.

Please follow the instructions on the archive.

In order to appear on the colour profile menu, the basic pack of your camera model has to be installed. Once selected, the emulation profile will automatically recall the basic profile “under the hood” so you can just select your emulation profile without being worried about the correct sequential order.